This non-fiction book explores the collective experience of the Dillinger "gun molls."

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This website is dedicated to the history of the wives and girlfriends of the 1930's desperados who were part of the shifting band of outlaws known today as the "Dillinger Gang."

Don't Call Us Molls

After Decades of Silence, The 1930's Female Public Enemies Speak Out They flouted both moral and financial conventionThe female companions of the bank robbing fugitives of the Great Depression - Their history, buried under decades of stereotype and parody, is revealed for the first time. With the assistance of eyewitnesses and descendants, court and prison records, their legacy is examined. During the height of the Depression, their behavior challenged FBI agents, Federal courts, Federal Bureau of Prison policy and parole boards, who put them under pressure to betray their men.

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Check out "Chasing Dillinger:  Police Captain Matt Leach, J. Edgar Hoover and the Rivalry to Capture Public Enemy No. 1."  Co-written with Ace Dillinger researcher Lori Hyde, this book tells the story of the law officer known as Dillinger's Nemesis.  Captain Leach was the man responsible for Dillinger's early ascent to notoriety.  Available now! 

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